World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Having been playing since 2005 I feel confident in saying that this seems to be my favorite expansion yet. No expansion will ever live up to the original discovery when first playing the game five years ago but this is quite refreshing. I love the new zones. I love the polished graphics and maps. I also love the increased phasing with this expansion. Flying in Azeroth really gives the game a whole new feel also. Flying over all the zones we have been confined to ride through since WoW's release is cool by itself. There are a few minor bugs right now but that is expected with the release of a major expansion. I have faith that Blizzard will clean a few things up in a timely fashion. I was skeptical of how "epic" this xpac would be but it did not let me down. Of course there is the same type of kill/collect quests but there is some new fun type of quests also. Hope you all enjoy the game as well!

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